One Simple Question

When you lead your congregation in worship, do you expect them to sing? 

I know…that question seems unnecessary.  Think about it for a minute.  When you are putting your song list together, what goes through your mind?  Perhaps you take a theological approach by basing your set list from a passage in scripture.  Maybe you have a pastor that picks the songs for you.  Or, you might be like me and try to create a meaningful conversation with your song list —I blogged about that topic here.

But, take a step back from the entire planning process and ask yourself this one simple question:  Do I expect the people I am leading to sing with me?

This simple question has the potential to transform how you lead your congregation in worship.  When you lead expecting the church to sing with you, here are just some of the after affects that you will experience:

  • You will choose songs that allow for your church to engage with the Lord TOGETHER.
  • You will choose songs that your church can sing.
  • Your church will engage in the time of worship.
  • You will find yourself leading your church (not performing for your church).
  • When choosing new songs to teach your church, the expectation of the congregation singing WILL help you decide on songs that work for your church.
  • Your church will love learning new songs with you…in fact, you might even get requests to “sing that new song again” from many people in your church!

As a leader, you have the highest honor and responsibility to bring appropriate attention to the Lord.  When you pick songs to lead your church, expect everyone to not only sing with you…expect them to enjoy worshiping God together as His church!

I hope that this post was helpful and encouraging to you.  If you have need help, assistance, would like a topic covered, or have any questions, the Translating Team and I are available to serve you.   Please contact us here.


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