Simplifying The Set List

“That was awkward,” Sally said. “I can’t believe how long and uncomfortable that conversation was. All she did was talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!”

Have you ever found yourself in that position? That awkward conversation with someone, and you can’t get a word in to save your life?  Even worse, have you ever been on the other end, and you were the one talking to Sally?

The best conversations have give and take from both parties. There is appropriate context, understanding, and honest feedback. In fact, the better friends you are with the other person, the more comfortable you are with sharing deep and meaningful things.

In the same way, songs that we sing on Sunday should be meaningful and powerful. We are having a conversation with our Heavenly Father. When picking worship songs, like a conversation, each song should flow together.

I understand that theology, meaning, tradition, tempo, keys, and musicians matter when choosing your set list; however, it is essential that the words that are being said by the congregation flow together.

Worshiping God as a church is an enormous opportunity.  In some occasions, the words in the songs might be the only ones that people have spoken to God in years.  What an awesome and overwhelming responsibility as a worship leader!

When choosing songs, make sure that what you are saying makes sense, brings glory to God, flows like a great conversation, and is NOT a time of awkward Sally moments.

Bring your congregation into a meaningful and powerful conversation with the Lord!


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