Taking Care Of Your Voice

How do you take care of your voice?

I know…when someone asks me that question, I think of two questions (sometimes I answer a question with a question):  Are you asking this question because you don’t like the way I sound?  Are you asking this question because you don’t think I know how to take care of my voice?  Probably a defensive response, but let’s get real…as musicians, we are constantly being asked to change/tweak/add things to what we are doing.  So, naturally, I wonder why I am being asked how I take care of my voice.

The truth is that using your voice is a crucial part of leading worship. If we are not good stewards of our instruments, we will not be able to serve to the best of our abilities.

Here are some simple tips that will help you warm up and take care of your voice:

  1. Drink Water. This hydrates your vocal chords.  Keep in mind that caffeine is dehydrating, so you may need to drink more water on days you are singing.
  2. Exercise. Promoting blood flow will help you sing your best.  Simply stretching and moving around will help your body get ready to sing.
  3. Sing Daily. Sing at least one song a day (roughly 10-15 minutes).  Because your voice is a muscle, you must work it out regularly to keep it in shape.
  4. Practice. While this may seem redundant, many people don’t practice or rehearse before leading. Going over the worship set with your team or choir before the service will help get your voice ready to lead; however, be careful not to over sing, or push your voice.
  5. Warm Up. Before you sing, you should conscientiously warm up your voice. You can do this in the car on the way to church.
  6. Posture. Proper posture will align the body and promote vocal clarity.

Lead with confidence, let God use you in powerful ways, and remember to take care of the instrument that He has given you.  Your church will be grateful, and you will be able to lead for many, many years.


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