Finding Worship Songs

It is Monday morning.  You just had the best time at church.  You are refreshed and excited.  You pray prayers of thanksgiving as you get out of bed.  God blessed you, spoke to you, and used you for His glory.  Sunday was perfect.

As you make your way to the kitchen, a sinking feeling hits.  Sunday is coming.  Even though you just finished praying, the reality of planning, preparing, and building the next service looms in your mind.  Sunday is coming. 

What songs should you choose?  Should you add elements of prayer in the service?  When will the pastor have his sermon ready?  What about videos?  Sunday is coming.

In order to start planning for worship, where do you find songs?  Do you do your favorite anthems, or songs that you know your congregation will love?  How do you incorporate new songs?

For me, I find that a set list should flow like a conversation (as posted here). From that vantage point, I utilize three simple places that will influence the conversation. There are  three places that will help you know how God is moving around the world, and how the He is working in the Church today. 

  1. Go online to SongSelect by CCLI.  On the main page, there are three links that give you the top 100 SongSelect songs, the recently added songs, and the top CCLI songs.  These links will help you with chord charts, lyrics, and themes.  Most importantly, you will see rankings of songs.  The list will tell you the songs that the Church is singing (yes, capital “C”).  You will get fresh ideas as well as reminders of familiar songs that you may have forgotten about.
  2. Check out the Top 100 Songs on Planning Center OnlineIf you don’t have a Planning Center account, check out the options that might work best for you.   Within the page, there is a link called “Songs.”  After you click on the link, you will see a link that will give you the top songs from all churches.  Just like SongSelect by CCLI, you will see the songs that churches around the world are singing.
  3. Talk with your congregation.  Talk with your worship team, members of the church, and visitors.  Ask them about the types songs and styles they like in the worship service.  Sometimes, the people around you can help you create a powerful and meaningful time with God!



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