Worship Song Of The Week

We need to be constantly reminded of the grace of God, the power of the cross, and that Jesus conquered death through His death and resurrection.  Our life here on earth is different because of the redeeming work of Christ.  Plain and simple…we are free and have eternal hope because of what Jesus did for us centuries ago.   

The song for this week is Grace So Glorious by Elevation Church.  The story of the death, resurrection, and power of Jesus is described through lyrics.  The music is appropriately written with tasteful progressions, inversion of chords, and there is a powerful chorus that can be sung by any congregation.

We are singing this song on Sunday at Gospel Community Church.  I know that many people will be reminded of the power and grace of the Lord, and I am excited that our church can declare and worship Jesus in the freedom that we have because of Him!


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