Simplifying Microphone Selection

Today, we are going to get right to it…microphone selection.

Like me, you want to use the best microphones for your church.  You want everything (voice, instruments, preaching, etc.) to sound fantastic; however, you need to work within your budget.  So, you ask the same question that thousands of church leaders have asked themselves for years…What are the best microphones for my church?

With so many different options, let me simplify your search and talk about three of the best microphones for your church (and are budget-friendly).

Check out this video on these microphones from Shure:

  1. Shure SM57 (useful for instruments, amps, and drums)
  2. Shure SM58 (low-cost, affordable vocal mic)
  3. Shure Beta SM58 (best quality for your voice…a little more expensive, but worth the investment)

If you would like materials, resources, or more information on microphones, please contact me here.  The production engineers on the Translating Team would be glad to serve you and your church.

I hope that this post was helpful and encouraging to you.  If you have need help, assistance, would like a topic covered, or have any questions, the Translating Team and I are available to serve you.   Please contact us here.



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