Nashville Numbering System

It’s Sunday morning at your church.  You walk to your spot on the platform, place your sheet music on the stand, and are ready to lead your church in worship.  The band looks at you, and the first song begins.  Everything is going to be perfect because you spent all morning rehearsing. You can’t wait to hear the congregation sing to the Lord.

Then it happens…that part when the bass guitar player starts playing the chorus when the rest of the band is playing the repeat of verse one.

Nails on chalkboard.  Screaming.  Land mines blowing up in your head.  You rehearsed this repeat of verse one fifty times, and you thought everyone on the team was on the same page…why did this happen?

Chord charts have been used for decades, and most church worship leaders utilize them to lead the church in singing.  These charts provide lyrics and chords on pages which make it easy to lead from the music stand (to see how to lead worship without using a music stand, check out my post here).

For the band, chord charts can be both helpful and clunky.  As described in the story above, band members can miss transitions or cues following a chord chart.

Utilizing The Nashville Numbering System is the best way for you to gel as a worship team, eliminate confusion around transitions, and allow your church to worship without band distractions.

I know…Nashville Numbering sounds scary and like something only “professionals”use; however, I believe anyone can use this method.

Check out this video on how easy it is to write and utilize the Nashville Numbering System to:

  1. Create a clear layout
  2. Assign numbers to the correct chords
  3. Add helpful cues for band

If you would like this Nashville Numbering version of Nothing But The Blood, would like to utilize it as template for your own worship songs, or would like further help with Nashville Numbering, please contact me here.

The Translating Team and I are available to serve you.  If you need help, assistance, or have questions, please contact us here.



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