Worship Song Of The Week

Sunday is once again here.  We are going to plug in our mics, instruments, and speaker cables.  The songs we lead (through this sound system) will be one of the main components of the morning worship service.  You are bringing attention to the Lord, and the church will exalt and worship God (through the VERY songs you and your team will lead).  I think that is absolutely amazing!

This weekend, one of the songs that we will be singing at Gospel Community Church is Death Was Arrested.

This song is in 6/8 and has a groove that can be easily learned by any rhythm section of a worship team.  The lyrics will encourage your congregation to worship the Lord, and the melody is easy to learn and sing.

I first introduced Death Was Arrested at Gospel Community Church this past Easter.  The song tells the story of the death, resurrection, and return of Christ.  As I stated in an earlier song of the week (June 3), I love leading worship songs that tell the redemptive story of Christ.  Because of what Jesus has accomplished, WE ARE FREE!

I have been asked by many people at church to continue singing this song throughout the year.  So, we have sung it 3-4 times since Easter, and I can’t wait to sing it again on Sunday!


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