Leading Music Stands

Music stands are fantastic.  They are God’s gift to the music world.  They help hold valuable sheet music in place, and they provide the opportunity for the musician to sing or play at a comfortable level.  Let’s be honest…when God created the music stand, we saw it, and we thought it was good.

There is one problem with the music stand…it was never meant to be a barrier.  Instead of serving the leader, the music stand has turned into the very thing the leader relies on throughout a worship service.  I’ve been in many churches, and have literally said out loud, “Look up…we are here…lead us…look at us…”

When leading worship, the very thing that is assisting us can be what is disconnecting us from the people in our churches.  I want to elevate you as a worship leader with a powerful concept: Leading without a music stand will allow you to be a better leader by providing an opportunity to engage and pastor the people in your congregation.

Here is an example of me and my team leading “Amazing Grace” with music stands…

Here is an example of me and my team leading “Amazing Grace” without music stands…

As a leader, it might not seem that different; however, as member of the church, the difference is astronomical.  When the worship leader has a music stand, church members tend to listen and casually sing with the worship team.  Without stands, the leader and the church worship God together.

For practical ways to see lyrics, remember chords, and lead without a stand, please contact me here.  I would love to help you be a stronger worship leader for your church.

Be thankful for the music stand.  Appreciate the music stand.  When church starts and you begin, focus on leading the congregation, not the music stand.


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