Worship Song Of The Week

Every week, I will post a song that will bless, help, and encourage your congregation.  You may already have the song in your rotation; however, I want to provide a song a week that will be a great worship song for you and your congregation.

This Sunday, one of the songs we are singing is “Broken Vessels” by Hillsong (if you would like to see our complete list, check out our Spotify Link).  I love that “Broken Vessels” has a modern feel, tasteful arrangement, and lyrics that powerfully speak in and through us.

In the song, the powerful lines from the timeless hymn, Amazing Grace are woven through the chorus.  Other parts of the song remind you that no matter what you are going through, in God’s eyes, you are forgiven and free.  Finally, at the bridge of the song, we declare as a church that we can see the love that Jesus has for each of us, and the forgiveness that freely comes from Him because of the cross.

My prayer for you and your church is that this song will bring you closer to the Lord as you worship Him through it.



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