How To Wrap An Instrument/Mic Cord

Typically, one of the most common issues on stage is a cord that is malfunctioning and not working properly.  Perhaps you have seen the following scene before:

Jerome walks on stage and plugs in his guitar.  The lights go up, and the worship service begins.  Jerome gets into the first song, playing with all of his heart.  He steps to the right, and we all hear, “crackle…pop…”  The sound operator looks down at the board with a face that looks like someone at a weird buffet line at a church pot luck.  “Where did that buzz and noise come from?”  Jerome stops playing (his guitar isn’t working properly), and he simply puts his hands in the air to keep the “worship” happening at his spot.

Sound familiar?  I’m sorry if that is the case…

You will add years of life to your cords, and prevent the Jerome stories by simply understanding how to care for and properly wrap your cables.  Dave Marcus, the Production Leader at my church, explains how to keep your cables safe.  By using the proper technique, you can be a pro when cleaning up the cords after a worship rehearsal or service.


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