Worship Leading 101

Sunday morning is here.  The church building is open and people from around the community make their way to worship.  Soft music plays in the main auditorium, and the worship team gets ready to start the service.  Lights go up, and the first chord is played…

Over the next 60-90 minutes, amazing moments will happen, powerful words will be said, and people will hear from God.  In that same time frame, wrong notes will be played, lyrics will be forgotten by the vocalists, people in the congregation will not participate, and an inevitable “demon” will make its way through the speakers and sound system.   How can this be?

The purpose of this blog is to give tools that will help you handle issues, lead a great worship service, build leaders, provide practical tips from equipment to scheduling, and present resources that will help and enhance your church worship service.  

The conversation begins…






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